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Sparky on Poleshift - and
The Interim of Chaos

Many scientists researching the explanation for the Pleistocene megafauna extinctions assume that all accepted theories are correct, and all others are pseudoscience, they are practicing history - not science. Science is everchanging, old theories are abandoned or modified as they fail to explain the observed phenomena. Gradualism and plate tectonics are fine, but it must be realized that some events are sudden and violent.

The ancient legends, and so-called myths, that our forefathers have preserved for thousands of years, and passed down to us, are considered nonsense. The prophets, mystics, and psychics that God has given us are laughed at and ignored.

It is impossible to fully understand the end of the Pleistocene age without carefully analyzing the findings of the geologists, paleontologists, archaeologists, climatologists and paleomagnetism studies. To ignore other sources, such as legends, myths, Vedic manuscripts, mystics, psychics, and world scriptures is folly. Even Newton and Einstein spent the last years of their lives deep in the study of metaphysics.

From this current state of affairs, it calls upon those of us who are willing to broaden our area of study to suggest a new approach to the enigmas that their theories fail to shine light upon. This is not done in vanity, but to help prepare this generation for the next poleshift, that could happen at any time. The hypothesis that will be put forth is based upon current sciences, what the mystics and psychics have revealed, and some critical thinking that may come closer to explain the evidence on the ground.

I will quote the eyewitness accounts of the carnage seen by Dr Frank Hibben and others in Alaska and Siberia. It will be seen how only a tremendous wave of water could have caused the sudden and violent death of the forty million huge mammals that were destroyed and deposited in these places during the poleshift of 10,000 bce.

My recent studies lead me to consider that the Caribbean Sea has scars on the seafloor, that appear to show a glancing blow by a large cosmic body, hundreds of miles diameter, that came in on a low trajectory from the west. This event could have raised tsunamis that were miles high, that could account for the megafauna kill-off. It could have occurred as recently as 3100 bce. It could have caused a poleshift, and sped up the rotation of earth, changing the year from 360 to 365.25 days.

The huge waves that rushed north swept all the megafauna, trees, and rocks in their path, moving in a northwest direction across North America, being channeled thru the ice-free corridor of the northwest between the towering glaciers. Depositing a portion of its burden before the flank of Alaska's southern glacier, and carrying the rest across northern Alaska, that was never glaciated, and across the Aleutians into Siberia. There is one eyewitness to the deposits who states the waves came from the south in Siberia. It appears that the land was swept by a wave and flooded, before being uplifted. Perhaps much of the wave passed north over the pole, then south into Siberia, before dropping its terrible burden. In crossing our continent this salt water wave passed thru many huge glacial lakes, so the water after reaching Siberia had less salt content, and was able to freeze very quickly, preserving the bodies much like a freezer, for thousands of years. They were frozen very fast, and never thawed during these twelve thousand years. Dogs and wolves fed upon this flesh, when first uncovered. Even men sampled the meat with no ill effect. The last meal of buttercups was still in the mouth of one creature. The disaster was so sudden that none showed fear, but seemed in the midst of casual browsing.

Quoting from Dr Hibben's book, "The Lost Americans" :

"In many places the Alaskan muck blanket is packed with animal bones and debris in trainload lots."

"Within this mass, frozen solid. lie the twisted parts of animals and trees intermingled with lenses of ice and layers of peat and mosses. It looks as though in the middle of some catacystimic catastrophe. . . the whole Alaskan world of living animals and plants was suddenly frozen in mid- motion in a grim charade" (Frank C. Hibben, The Lost Americans, New York; Apollo Editions, 1961. pp. 90, 91).

Mammal Massacre .. Special Thanks to the author of this site for providing Dr. Hibben's account.

"Tendons, ligaments, fragments skin and hair, hooves - all are preserved in the muck. In some cases, portions of animal flesh have been preserved. Bones of mammoths, mastodons, bison, horses, wolves, bears and lions are hopelessly entangled! One author counts 1,766 jaws and 4,838 meta- podials from ONE species of bison in a small area near Fairbanks, Alaska, alone. Archaeologist Hibben saw with his own eyes - and smelled with his own nostrils - the specter of death. North of Fairbanks, Alaska, he saw bulldozers pushing the melting muck into sluice boxes for the extraction of gold. As the dozers' blades scooped up the melting gunk, mammoth tusks and bones "rolled up like shavings before a giant plane." The stench of rotting flesh -tons of it - could be smelled for miles around.

Hibben and his colleagues walked the pits for days. As they followed the bulldozers they discovered perfect bison skulls with horns attached, mammoth skin with long black hair and jumbled masses of bones.

Appalling Death in Alaska

But let Hibben continue his grisly account:

"Mammals there were in abundance, dumped in all attitudes of death. Most of them were pulled apart by some unexplained prehistoric catastrophic disturbance. Legs and torsos and heads and fragments were found together in piles or scattered separately" ((ibid., p.97). Logs, twisted trees, branches and stumps were interlaced with the mammal menagerie. The signs of sudden death were legion.

For example, in the Alaskan muck, stomachs of frozen mammoths have been discovered. These frozen stomach masses contain the leaves and grasses the animals had just eaten before death struck. Seemingly, no animal was spared.

"The young lie with the old, foal with dam and calf with cow. Whole herds of animals were apparently killed together, overcome by some common power" (ibid, p. 170).

Sudden and Unnatural Death

The muck pits of Alaska are filled with evidence of universal and catastrophic death. These animals simply did not perish by any ordinary means. Multiple thousands of animals in their prime were obliterated.

On reviewing the evidence before his eyes, Hibben concluded:

"We have gained from the muck pits of the Yukon Valley a picture of QUICK EXTINCTION. The evidences of violence there are as obvious as in the horror camps of [Nazi] Germany. Such piles of bodies of animals or men simply do not occur by any ordinary means" (ibid, p 170).

If you want the full impact of what Dr. Hibben surveyed read his book, The Lost Americans. "

Many learned people claim that a landslide killed the 10 million large mammals in Siberia, saying they were not quick frozen, but mummified, and giving no thought how this number and diversity of prey and predators, that were inhabitants of temperate to tropical regions, happened to be so close together in the far north, when the landslide occurred. I believe the eyewitness accounts given by Dr Hibben on what he saw in Alaska. A tsunami of 600 feet high, traveling with tremendous speed and power, could better account for this mangled mass of huge creatures, trees, and giant boulders, that crashed thru the prairies, and forests, and rocks, before depositing its victims where they were found.

The best approach is to first acquaint the reader with the facts of the end of the Pleistocene Age, circa 10,000 bce, when the megafauna of the Americas were totally destroyed, and became extinct. It will be shown that this was caused by a sudden and most violent disaster of global proportions. The whole earth was affected by this event, but the worst of the disaster was seen in the Americas and Siberia.

North America had a rich diversity of huge mammals prior to this event. There were mammoths, mastodons, camels, horses, sabre-tooth lions and tigers, giant sloths, huge short-faced bears, among the 200 species that went extinct in this period. Up to forty million of these huge beasts all perished suddenly. In the few thousands of years before the extinction these species had survived several disasters of epic proportion. There were numerous great floods, in which glacial dams broke releasing up to 1000 cubic miles of water with incredible fury. The great glaciers had receded to the northern half of the continent, leaving several inland seas of glacial melt, that frequently burst their dams, and carried away all before them. At one point a glacier had blocked the outlet of its melt-water reservour, causing the Mississippi River to reroute its waters down the St Lawrence river for a while, then further movement directed these waters down the Hudson. This diversion of cold water played havoc with the currents that control global climate. The climate was cooler then from the effect of these glaciers. Most of these huge mammals lived on the southern prairies of the continent, where the herds of herbivores could find sufficient grass. The predators followed the herds. So most of these creatures were on low flat plains when disaster struck. The smaller creatures occupied a more diverse habitat, including the mountains, plus were more prolific breeders, so they managed to recover.

There were settlements of nomadic hunters scattered across the continent. Their numbers were kept few by predation upon them by the formidable beasts. Even with the atalatl spear thrower, these hunters were no match for such huge and powerful beasts. They had noted success only when taking bison, mammoths and mastodons, using stategies that they had worked out. So the 'blitzkreig' by hunters had little or no effect upon the numbers of the megafauna. They took an animal that was injured, or stuck in the mud, or drove them over cliffs - but too often were themselves the victims. This kept the population of mankind small in North America, and kept them living in protected places like caves. The finds of fluted and Clovis projectile points tends to deny the entry of these hunters across Beringia, since few were found in that corridor. The majority of finds were made in the east and southeast, supporting an entry there, or the conclusion that this technology was invented in North America.

The Mound Builders seemed to begin their culture in Ohio shortly after the Pleistocene disaster.

Climate change did occur, but it was not the cause of the extinctions. The herds could have migrated to a more favorable area. This is shown by how quickly the few horses that escaped the Spaniards were able to repopulate the southwest.

Its appropriate at this point to give an explanation of a poleshift. The poleshift is a natural phenomena that affects our globe cyclically. So there have been many poleshifts throughout history, both natural and those caused by man. Most of the great floods of legend and scripture, that were not from a glacial dam breakage, were the result of poleshift. Earthquakes, volcanoes, ice-ages, and glaciers, are all related to poleshifts, and are caused by the imbalance of masses and gravitational forces. Not a slide of the crust, but the entire sphere turned in space, and a new portion of the earth pointed at the north. It assumed a new north-south axis, magnetic polarity follows the physical change.

Each year snow falls at the poles and accumulates, forming the icecaps on the north and south pole. These continue to grow, until after a few thousand years the mass becomes so great that the spinning earth is out of balance. When water is liquid in the oceans it is free to move around as needed to balance the mass, but when frozen, it constantly adds to the imbalance. So later in the cycle the movement of water is inadequate to maintain the balance of the spinning sphere. Too much water is locked-up as ice at the poles. This causes other mechanisms to begin, such as volcanoes to erupt, earthquakes become more violent, causing land to subside in some places, and mountains to uplift in others, as nature's way of balancing the mass. A point is finally reached, when these are not enough - then there is a shift of the polar axis. If the axis maintained perpendicular to the plane of the solar system there would be no poleshift, or seasons, the planet would get continually colder. Instead the north pole of the earth always points to the star Polaris. This gives us our seasons, but also makes the globe vulnerable to poleshift. Our axis currently tilts 23.5 degrees, when it becomes 26 degrees, a shift of the poles happens. The poleshift is the most violent and cataclysmic event native to earth, since we are excluding a major impact from space in this discussion.

There is also the precession of the equinoxes, on a cycle of about 25,700 years, in which the earth's axis aligns to a new pole star at its conclusion, and during which spring advances thru the 12 signs of the Zodiac. These cyclic events are sometimes attended by a poleshift, but usually can be considered a gradual transition, and treated separately from the poleshifts we are discussing. The ancients, not knowing the cause, seemed to confuse these events, and treated them as if they were one and the same. Further believing that each age or sign was concluded violently, alternately by fire and flood. We have no evidence that the Age of Pisces was preceded by either a poleshift, fire, ice or flood. It was simply noted by the astrologers.

" Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice "

by Robert Frost

In the blink of an eye, the earth falls onto its side. For those viewers who witness the event in daylight, the sun will swing suddenly to a different position in the sky. As the Bible says, 'the Earth totters like a drunk, and falls, never to rise again'. To a night observer, it will appear as related in the Bible, the stars of Draco the great serpent, will suddenly appear to be thrown to the earth. Its uncertain, and unpredictable how long will be required before the globe stabilizes into its new axis. During this interim, chaos will rule on the earth. It will then be apparent that gravity is one of three bipolar forces that enter the earth at its poles, along with electricity and magnetism. All of these forces will be disturbed during this interim of chaos. Lets hope this period of chaos is brief, for all of our sakes. During this period the seas leave their beds. Huge waves cross the continents, destroying and sweeping away everything in their path. Its these huge waves traveling around the earth that explains how a given amount of water can be above all the mountains. Its not level water that high, but waves reaching each in turn.

The earth is flattened at the poles and bulges at the equator. So during this interim of chaos the waves rush toward the new line of the equator. Much depends on the severity of the poleshift. A shift of a few degrees will not impact so much, if the change is rapid. Even a total 180 degree reversal of the poles is better than a shift of 90 degrees. Imagine the horror if the new north pole shifted about 40 degrees, and was at Berlin. Most of Europe would be within the Arctic circle.

After the poles shift you have the former icecaps now at a lower latitude, and melting. They are called glaciers now. They begin to move away from the heat, and basically toward the new north. Any waves or water within the new Arctic circle quickly freezes. The humidity in the air quickly freezes if near 100 percent, or falls as snow and begins to accumulate. An ice-age has begun, because the earth has the former icecaps, plus the new ones, both adding cold to the air.

From details that Edgar Cayce revealed in the readings, and my observations of the path of glaciers, it seems to suggest that a poleshift occurred around 50,000 bce, that reversed the poles 180 degrees. The former south pole was near where the north pole is today. Then about 26,000 bce, the poleshift of Noah located the north pole to the southwest in Canada, near Hudson Bay. The poleshift of 10,000 bce returned the north pole to near its former position before Noah's deluge. It is my opinion that the rotation of the earth is opposite to what it was prior to the poleshift of 180 degrees that occurred in circa 50,000 bce. In those days the earth turned counter-clockwise, and the sun rose in the west. This is why the careful observer will note that we are seeing the signs of the Zodiac move in a reverse direction across our heavens, and that the precession of the equinoxes is going backwards thru the signs. It also suggests that the now southern hemisphere, which is more bereft of landmasses now, was once the chosen half to occupy the blessed place under the northern heavens, from which civilization makes its march around the world. Perhaps the route of culture and the muses was west to east in that time when god-like mankind advanced spiritually and technologically far beyond what we can comprehend today. Southern Patagonia may yet provide the proof of this statement. Most of the other regions of this high culture are seabed today.

The relatively new field of study called paleomagnetism offers exciting prospects. It is said that through analyzing the magnetic fields that set up in iron bearing lava deposits before they harden, they can determine the prevailing north/south magnetic orientation, as well as the volcano's approximate latitude. This information is key in determining the timing of the changes during the interim of chaos. This study should be done at volcanoes at different positions on the globe, that are known to have erupted at the end of the Pleistocene age. Many volcanoes continue to spew lava for several days or even longer, and the amount of daily change in latitude and magnetic polarity can be charted. If it is found that significant changes occurred too rapidly for crustal slippage it may open some scientific minds to new possibilities as to the merit of the ideas now proposed. Such a study could provide conclusive evidence that the entire sphere rotated as a unit, and did not involve the partial movements of plates or sections of crusts.

Dr. J. R. Heirtzler of the Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory observed that there has been "a revival of a 30-year-old theory that the glacial ages were caused by changes in the tilt of the earth's axis. There is clear evidence that large earthquakes occur at about the same time as certain changes in the earth's rotational motion." "Whatever the mechanism of these changes, it is not hard to believe that similar changes in the earth's axial motion in times past could have caused major earthquake and mountain-building activity and could even have caused the magnetic field to flip."

The ancient city of Tiwanaku Bolivia is now at an elevation of over 12,000 feet, but has the remnant of a salty sea called Lake Titicaca, and some observers say evidence of an ancient port and sea canal nearby. These pre-Inca ruins have megalithic construction, made earthquake proof thru the use of metal straps connecting the blocks. In the vicinity are relics and monoliths that have old world scripts on them, that I estimate date before 3,000 bce, thought to be proto-Sumerian and Old Elamite. These voyagers and traders left this writing on much older existing monuments from the former builders, in crudely etched writing, that seems more like ancient graffiti scratched into the thick patina, than a planned work. Throughout the site on massive edifices can be seen depictions of extinct toxodons. These have great significance in dating the ruins, since toxodons went extinct in 10,000 bce, and only inhabit tropical regions. The toxodon would never be found at that cold and bleak altitude, so when they were living creatures in that area, the city had to have been near sealevel. Furthermore, they would not have been in the arid region west of the Andes. I submit that the many lifelike representations of the toxodon at Tiwanaku show that the city was not only at sealevel when built, but it was before the Andes uplifted, and changed the climate from tropical to arid and desert-like. There is archaeological evidence that mankind had lived in a tropical paradise in nearby Paracas, before its climate was changed to the arid wasteland that exists today. The flora and fauna that had thrived there when those cities were occupied were much the same as are in the Amazon region today. Only the uplift of the Andes can explain this dramatic climate change, that also affected the Sahara of Africa. The date of 10,000 bce is not unreasonable, except to a geologist with a gradualism mindset.

I stumbled on the fact that two of the former most terrible poleshifts happened at the start of the Age of Aquarius, that of 52,000 years ago, and that of 26,000 years ago. Yet, Cayce stated that they were caused by man! Lets not be hasty in thinking that Cayce made an error. It could be, at the start of the Age of Aquarius, it doesn't take much to reach the threshold, to cause the polar axis to shift.
Our lads should be very careful not to use nuclear weapons! Any great explosion could make a poleshift occur. Billions could perish very fast. As I recall from Cayce, in 50,000 bce, the use of explosives, fired methane in a huge underground chamber, and the blast caused a poleshift. A mistake on an oil rig today could do the same. Noah's poleshift of 24,000 bce was caused by an explosion at a power station near the present Sargasso Sea. It could result from a mistake at a nuclear reactor, or an impact from space.

Our scientists haven't got a clue to any of this! Poor humanity!! To prevent or delay the poleshift, man should do a controlled melting of polar ice - keeping the mass at each pole in balance. Start at the south pole. Just calfing icebergs could do it. These guys will not listen to a peer voicing such theories - so there is no hope that they will consider seriously any words of mine. Its inevitable, just a matter of time. An entire continent could suddenly become seabed during a poleshift. There are no winners. Like cassandra - nobody will listen. Just as well learn how to make clovis points again soon.

I have another theory to offer, that may explain several great mysteries. We know that the ancients had a year of 360 days, something happened to change it to our current 365.25 days. Using google earth sat imagery, take note of the seabed of the Caribbean Sea. See the deep channel that approaches the island, then rebounds to the east, ending at a ring of volcanic islands. I suggest that the earth was struck a glancing blow from a large cosmic body in circa 3107 bce. The object came in low from the wsw, cutting the trench to the island, causing a minor shift to the polar axis, and speeding up the rotational spin of earth, shortening the day from 28.7 hours to 24 hours, and lengthening the year from 360 days to 365.25 days. Huge tsunamis were generated, sweeping away the megafauna to Alaska, carrying away the trees of the high plains, and mostly depopulating central America, leaving abandoned cities. Red clay was carried from the seafloor and deposited in Texas and Oklahoma. The marks left on the seafloor show that there was a change in direction on the rebound, when the axis shifted. This explains the disaster of 3107 bce that sent many nations to their boats, the megafauna kill-off, the depopulation of central America, the change of global climates, and the lengthening of the year.
Copyright April 23, 2015 by Michael S. White

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