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Strange Theories & Zany Gadgets

Some have envisioned that all energy proceeds from one source. It is said to enter our dimension as three spiraling currents. Each bipolar. These three streams are possibly electricity, magnetism, and gravity. Chemical and vibrational antigravity were named as possible.

Experimenters are encouraged to relate electrical laws and effects to the other components of the triunal force, magnetism and gravity. They are surely bipolar, and flow as a current. What materials are insulators and what conductors? Are gravitic currents produced by the collapse of a magnetic field? It seems amazing that so little is known of these two basic forces. It simply awaits another Faraday, Tesla, or Keely.

Strange Notion :

We know that there are many creatures that have creature within creature, existing in a mutually beneficial way. Lichen, ants and eucalyptus, and man. I suspect there are more than one such relationship within man. and not just in his lower tract. What if alien spirits came from Sirius b into our system, millions of years ago, and took pity upon the plight of Nature's man, or took especial interest in his shapely daughters. they, being higher developed spiritual beings, became entangled in matter. The Father has set bounds, that like a good ferryman, requires tokens to pass. every action must have its reaction. All this time 'we' were afraid of something that may have happened long ago, ie invasion by aliens!

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